Leadership Training for Congregations and Community

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This training builds on the powerful March on Washington Anniversary event held in August at St. Paul Baptist Church. It is for clergy and lay leaders who want to develop their skills and advance social justice while building community and strengthening their congregations and organizations.  


Purpose and Goals of Training:

1.   Orientation on broad based community organizing for racial, social and economic justice.

2.   Tools and attitudes to take the next steps in building out the coalition internally and externally.

Those tools and attitudes will include:

a.   A deeper understanding of power to defend and advance our values.

b.   The importance of understanding and learning the self-interest (issues, concerns) of our congregations / organizations / communities and members as well as the self-interest of key allies and decision makers.

c.    The techniques and a program for a listening process that will enable leaders to deepen their understanding of the problems people are facing and the shared values they are willing to act upon.

3.   The training will include an analysis of the problem of racial segregation as a form of deliberate political isolation and economic exploitation. 

4.   The training will also provide a power analysis including the process for advancing and winning a legislative campaign.

5.   It will conclude with an agreed upon calendar and specific action steps to advance base building and the furthering of a powerful issue


Who should attend this training:

  • Key leaders from congregations and organizations including the faith community, labor organizations as well as social and racial justice organizations and community based institutions.

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