Make Calls to Registered Voters

Make Calls to registered voters in the 2nd Congressional District who have not yet sent in their ballots. 

Many voters need to be reminded, encouraged or given some help with their mail-in-ballot this year. These calls do make a difference and are needed to make sure that every voice is heard.

If you already have an account (an Action ID) with NPG VAN for Virtual Phone Banking (VPB), go to one of the Regional Call List Links below and begin making calls anytime between 9:00 AM and 9:00 PM to voters in the region.

If you do not have an account, see the instructions for creating your personal Action ID or go to this link 

This Phone Bank features VPBConnect which allows you to make calls from your computer, tablet or phone without using your own phone number. You can learn more in this how-to video


Begin making calls to registered voters with Open Virtual Phone Banking



Atlantic County Mainland Call List

Registered Voters in the Atlantic County Suburbs (not Atlantic City)




Atlantic City Cape May County Call List

Registered Voters in Atlantic City and Cape May County




Gloucester Salem Counties Call List

Registered Voters in parts of Gloucester and all of Salem County




Cumberland Call List 

Registered Voters in all of Cumberland County





Go here for answers to most questions about Vote-by-Mail this year in New Jersey

including list and location of drop boxes

 There is a daily Open Zoom Meeting for troubleshooting and support for all Phone Bankers oxesfrom 9AM to 9PM

If you do not already have an account (ActionID) with NGP VAN, go to this link and create an account and password with NPG VAN so you will be able to easily log on and make calls. You will simply need to choose a password and create your personal Action ID  to use OpenVPB (Virtual Phone Bank).

This Phone Bank features VPBConnect which allows you to make calls from your computer, tablet or phone without using your own phone number. You can learn more in this how-to video.


If you have not already, go here to select your 3 hour shifts for calling between now and election day