2013 Summit Workshop Signups

The Summit will include concurrent policy workshops Friday morning, 9:30 a.m., on the following issues.  Use the form below to register for your preferred workshop. 

TRANSPORTATION FOR ALL AMERICANS – A transformative transportation agenda has yet to be realized in part because of ideological divides that pit urban against suburban and roads against transit. Americans and American industries want and use all modes of transportation. The conference will explore opportunities at the state and national level for a comprehensive approach to transportation investments to promote sustainability, reduce social disparities, and drive regional economic growth.

SCHOOLS AND DIVERSE, MIDDLE-CLASS SUBURBS – The current policy debate around education often ignores the great strengths as well as huge social and fiscal challenges of these rapidly changing and important communities. This conference will explore a path to school reform that recognizes and leverages the realities of diverse middle class suburbs and school districts.

WATER INFRASTRUCTURE – The conference will highlight the largely hidden yet enormous pressures - fiscal, physical, and regulatory – on municipalities and residents to maintain and upgrade waste and storm water systems and the unexplored opportunities to promote jobs and economic growth, social equity and environmental sustainability through investments in water infrastructure.

HOUSING AND SUSTAINABLE COMMUNITIES – As suburban poverty grows, it’s often the most diverse, residential suburbs that absorb a disproportionate share of low-income and affordable housing, contributing to widening social disparities and neighborhood instability. The summit will present best practices and strategies for addressing regional stability and social mobility through housing policies that promote stable and inclusive middle class communities.

Use this form to guarentee your spot in one of the workshops. You must be registered for the conference in order to participate in a workshop. Filling out this form does not constitute registration for the summit.

Registration for the housing and schools workshops are full and may be reopened at the summit. Please make your second choice among Water Infrastructure and Transportation.