2017 Summit Program

Building One America 5th National Summit

for Inclusive Communities and Sustainable Regions

9:30 - Opening and WelcomeRev. Cheryl Pyrch, Summit Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia 

Welcome to Rutgers - Michael Palis,  Provost, Rutgers University 

Welcome to the First Congressional District - Congressman Donald Norcross

Tribute to Joe McNamara, director of New Jersey Laborers-Employers Cooperation and Education Trust (LECET) - Governor James Florio

Why we are here and agenda overview

  • Dr. Diane Campbell, Vice President of Mercer County Community College and Chair of Building One New Jersey
  • Rev. Rohan Hepkins, Mayor of Yeadon and Chair of Building One Pennsylvania

10:00 - The State of Metro America - the Obama years, the recent election, and the days ahead

Introduction of first panel - Dr. Robert Kleidman, Coordinator of Building One Ohio and Associate Professor Sociology at Cleveland State University

  • Algernon Austin - Economist at Dēmos focusing on the racial wealth divide
  • Lisa Rice - Executive Vice President of the National Fair Housing Alliance
  • Christopher Niedt - National Center for Suburban Studies at Hofstra University
  • Mike Kruglik, Board President of Building One America
  • Ana Garcia Ashley, Director of the Gamaliel Foundation (Moderator)

Speakers will reflect on what was accomplished and what we learned during the past 8 years. The policy and the politics - where did we succeed, fail or fall short around policies to reduce economic inequality and racial disparities and build multi-racial solidarity.

  • Algernon Austin - The myth of post racialism and the state of civil rights
  • Lisa Rice - Progress made and not made on the policies and politics of inclusion
  • Chris Niedt - The role of the suburbs and the plight of America
  • Mike Kruglik - The meaning of Obama, the arc of Obama to Trump and beyond, and the undiminshed opportunity for organizing

11:00 - Inclusion and Segregation

Introduction of Second Panel - Dr. Robert Kleidman

  • Paul Jargowsky - Director, Center for Urban Research and Urban Education at Rutgers University
  • Bruce D. Haynes - University of California, Davis, Professor of Sociology and a Senior Fellow in the Urban Ethnography Project at Yale University
  • Lorraine Minnite - Rutgers University, Associate Professor of Public Policy, Director of Ph.D. Program, and Department Chair (Moderator)

Paul Jargowsky will present new data and analysis on segregation in our metro areas. We will hear about the growth of diversity and inclusion but also the deepening of racial segregation, both urban and suburban in many of our metro areas. Dr. Bruce Haynes will join Professor Jargowsky in a discussion, facilitated by Dr. Lorraine Minnite, of the deeper meaning of this crisis for poor people and working class people of all colors and backgrounds. We will discuss the social, economic and political implications of this reality that too many of our mainstream political leaders and pundits have chosen to ignore.

11:45 - Understanding, Analyzing and Building Power, Vision of BOA Part One 

We will spend time examining issue of power. We will look more deeply at the entrenched and interconnected institutions that are sustained and profit from status-quo fragmentation, segregation and regional disparities. And we will look honestly at the political power required through organizing, alliances and action to overcome the forces of divisions and bring about meaningful breakthroughs.  Discussion led by Paul Scully, Executive Director of Building One America.

12:30 - Lunch - Structured Relationship Building Over Lunch

1:15 - Workshop Continues with Feedback from Leaders

We will hear BOA’s strategy and analysis of the constituencies and institutions needed to build multiracial power as well as the narrative and the actions called for to begin to expose and break through structures that divide, oppress and exploit the American people around both race and economic inequity.

1:45 - Response from Panel of Experts and Practitioners

  • Marc Bayard, Institute for Policy Studies’ Black Worker Initiative
  • Clayola Brown, President, A. Philip Randolph Institute, AFL-CIO

Marc Bayard and Clayola Brown reflect on their own experience working with BOA and other likeminded groups to build multi-racial alliances and to reinvigorate the historic relationship between labor and civil rights. They will talk about its relevance today and importance for combating both racial injustice and economic inequality.

This panel will be joined by labor, civil rights and community leaders from New Jersey and Pennsylvania who will provide context and perspective around their regional and statewide efforts.

2:45 - Summary and next steps

Mayor Hepkins, Dr. Campbell, Dr. Kleidman

  • New Jersey - Campaign to challenge school segregation
  • Pennsylvania - Labor / Civil Rights Organizing Initiative
  • National - University of Minnesota Future of Civil Rights Conference - November 11, 2017

3:00 - Film - Waking the Sleeping Giant

Building One America is presenting a special screening of Waking the Sleeping Giant: The Making of a Political Revolution. This award-winning documentary film chronicles the challenges and opportunities faced by a resurgent political movement for racial and economic justice. It tells the story of five remarkable individuals wrestling with persistent racial injustice, growing economic inequality, and the corrupting influence of money in politics all against the backdrop of an extraordinary 2016 presidential race.

Waking the Sleeping Giant makes sense of this moment in American politics, probing widespread discontent during the election cycle, Donald Trump’s dramatic electoral victory, and the challenges ahead. It features interviews with prominent journalists, activists, and leaders, including A. Philip Randolph Institute president Clayola Brown (recipient of the 2017 Building One America Opportunity America Award).
Introduced by Jacob Smith, former Mayor of Golden Colorado and Co-Producer of Waking the Sleeping Giant

Waking the Sleeping Giant trailer