Mail in your Ballot

This year's election is Vote By Mail. It must droped off or postmarked today! 

If you are registered, you should have received a Ballot in the Mail

You have until the end of the day TODAY, Tuesday , July 7 to Vote in this Year's Primary

Go to this link for the steps to filling out your ballot

Or you go to this link and watch a demonstration video from the Mainland Pleasantville NAACP

Your ballot must be postmarked before or on July 7th   Best to bring it to an official drop box location

Take your mail-in-ballot to any one of these Drop Box Locations in your County.


In 1957, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. delivered the speech "Give Us the Ballot".

In 2020, we must Send IN Our Ballots!












This year we've partnered with First Lady Michelle Obama and her non-partisan campaign called When We All Vote. Just as with President Obama’s historic elections to the U.S. Senate and Presidency, we have to start by increasing the number of registered voters, especially among the underrepresented and historically disenfranchised, including African American, Latino, as well as low-income, working-class and young people of all backgrounds.

 Join our campaign now and receive the Outvote texting App for your cell phone.
as well as the link to Michelle Obama's When we All Vote voter registration campaign.