Tell Phil Murphy to End School Segregation

Sign-on to letter to Governor Murphy supporters and allies.

Governor Murphy has ignored us. He has refused to meet with our coaltion and our leaders to discuss a proposal to end the terrible and unjust system of racially segrgated schools in New Jersey.

We must get his attention and demand a meeting. To do this we will talk to his major contributors and his most important political allies in New Jersey and across the country. 

To start, we will write a letter signed by many community leaders, labor, faith and civil rights leaders like yourself.

Here is a summary of the letter:

  •  • New Jersey has a horrific and shameful problem of school segregation by both race and class (one of the worst in the nation). Under Governor Murphy this system of inequality has only gotten worse.
  •  • For several years, our coalition of civil rights and grassroots leaders have asked to meet with the Governor to propose real solutions. 

• But Governor Murphy has ignored us and refuses to meet. 

• The letter asks his supporters to urge the Governor to meet with us so we can begin to work with the legislature to end the opportunity-destroying system of racially segregated public education in our state.

Find full LETTER HERE.