March on Washington Anniversary Policy Forum - August 25, 7PM

North Jersey Legislative Policy Forum on School Segregation & Opportunity

August, 2022 marks the 59th Anniversary of Great March on Washington.

Of the 10 demands made at the 1963 March, the 1st and the 3rd demand called for the immediate desegregation of America's public schools. Today, as we enter our 6th decade since the March (and 7 decades since Brown v Board was filed), schools in New Jersey have become some of the most segregated in the nation – more segregated than almost any state of the former confederacy. [1]   

This was not by accident. It was result of deliberate policies that are still in place today and still segregating our children by both race and poverty and denying them equal opportunity to a decent life.

On Thursday, August 25th, we will convene a powerful gathering of community, faith, education and labor leaders along with parents, policy makers and elected officials. The purpose will be to review and react to current and proposed legislation aimed at reversing those policies that drive segregation and repairing the damage it has inflicted on children, families, and communities.

We will be joined by key policy makers including those who have introduced and supported legislation as well as experts and practitioners in the field of education and civil rights including host Rev. Dr. Bernadette Glover and Co-Chair Rev. Dr. Willie D. Francois along with (invited) Assemblywoman Mila Jasey, Legislative Black Caucus Chair Shavonda Sumter and Senator Joe Cryan.  Register here to attend this event. 



[1] Among the states that rebelled against the Union, only Texas is more segregated than New Jersey today.