Summit for Inclusive Communities and Sustainable Regions

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Friday, July 21, 2017 - 9:00am to 4:00pm

Building One America will hold its 5th biennial national Summit on July 21, 2017

Over the past 8 years, Building One America has worked to bring attention to increasingly diverse, middle-class communities across the country. We see these places as key to building multi-racial, middle and working-class constituencies needed to address some of our nation’s most pressing problems including racial segregation, fair and inclusive economic growth, and sustainable development.

Building One New Jersey

Restoring the Historic and Powerful Alliance of Labor and Civil Rights for Racial Justice and Economic Opportunity

Building One America held its first in a series Labor / Civil Rights forums in New Jersey on December 17, 2015 with national speakers and local union leaders joined by prominent clergy, civil-rights and civic leaders from across the state.

Building One Ohio Labor/Civil Rights Forum

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Restoring the Historic and Powerful Alliance

of Labor and Civil Rights

for Racial Justice

and Economic Opportunity

Friday, May 6, 2016 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM

Cleveland State University, Wolstein Center

2000 Prospect Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio

Legendary labor leader A. Philip Randolph and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. repeatedly told their supporters that the political forces attacking unions were the same ones who opposed civil rights. It’s no different today as the people fighting worker rights are the same ones who resist inclusive schools and maintain segregated neighborhoods.

The attack on public sector workers and teachers, especially in poor minority communities, is only the most recent example. The sprawl-driven, big-box retail industry in outer suburbs remains low wage and deeply anti-union. Public spending for badly needed infrastructure is severely restrained, undermining local government and depressing what should be an expansion of inclusive building trade jobs.

A shrinking middle class, widening income gap, and deepening racial divide further limits social mobility and middle class opportunity for all people - especially the unemployed, underemployed and those trapped in high poverty neighborhoods in cities and in suburbs.

This non-partisan forum will educate members, allies, and the public about the mutually reinforcing power relationship that once existed between labor and civil rights – an alliance that produced some the most progressive policies and inclusive expansion of middle class jobs that our nation ever experienced. 

It will show the relevance of this coalition for today’s challenges and it will call upon our congregations, unions, civic and civil rights groups to work together to restore and revive this alliance to advance and promote both racial justice and economic opportunity for all American workers, their families and communities. 


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