Steps to Vote by Mail for November 3





Steps to Vote by Mail 

Follow the instructions below or check out one of these videos on how to VOTE BY MAIL



1. Choose your candidates:

  • This is where you VOTE
  • Once you've located your Mail in Ballot, Open it up and choose the candidates you prefer for local, county, and national offices. 
  • Fill in the circlenext to their name. It doesn’t matter which column they’re in, just pick one for each office
  • Use black or blue ink (black is better)

2. Place your ballot in the inner envelope (the ballot certificationenvelop) and completethe information on the envelope flap:

  • Print your name & address (if required) and write your official signature on the flap - your signature is required for your vote to be counted! 
  • Seal this envelope with the adhesive strip

3. The final step is to mail in your ballot:

  • Place the inner envelop (the ballot certification envelope) inside of the outer envelope to be mailed back
  • Seal the outer envelope and complete the return address portion (if required)
  • Leave the ballot in your mailbox or bring it to your local post office 

You do not need a stamp, as postage is included

Your ballot must be post marked before or on November 3rd   Best to do it right away. 

You can also take your mail-in-ballot to any one of these Drop Box Locations in your County.

Atlantic County • Cumberland County • Cape May County • Salem County • Gloucester County • Ocean County • Burlington County • Camden County

See below links to sample ballots from each county in the 2nd and 3rd Congressional District.

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