Mungu Sanchez

Mungu Sanchez, Deputy Political Director for the Northeast
Regional Council Council of Carpenters, started his career in politics
in his early 20’s working as a staffer for the Pennsylvania House of
Representatives. During his time there, he quickly realized his
political potential and passion for rallying behind important social
issues to improve the quality of life for people within his community.
He also quickly discovered the saliency of organizing people to
effectively open the doors to better opportunities and how politics
should always be used as a catalyst for positive change. Mungu
soon became a part of the solution, working closely with
communities affected by various socioeconomic issues and as a key
player in local government. He has decades of experience with
activism and political organization and has had a strong impact in
his hometown of Philadelphia, PA.

Deputy Political Director Keystone Mountain Lakes Regional Council of Carpenters
2020 Summit Speaker: 
Currently not speaking at summit
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