Pierrette “Petee” Talley

Pierrette “Petee” Talley

Pierrette “Petee” Talley is the immediate past Secretary-Treasurer of the Ohio AFL-CIO and the first woman to hold one of the top two offices in the 56 year history of that organization.

Ms. Talley has been a leader in AFSCME and was the AFL-CIO’s state director in Michigan. She has been and is still a national leader of both the Coalition of Black Trade Unionists and the A. Philip Randolph Institute.

As the highest ranked African American leader in the Ohio AFL-CIO, Petee organized and mobilized tens of thousands of workers to fight and hold organized labor’s hard fought gains.

As the leader of the Ohio Unity Coalition she helped to create and lead Ohio's strongest labor/civil rights organization, playing a pivotal role in victories over anti-union attacks, including the repeal of SB 5.

Ms. Talley is a powerful breakthrough leader and a civil rights woman.

Secretary-Treasurer, Ohio State AFL-CIO (retired)