Rev. Evan Regis “Reegie” Bunch

Evan Regis “Reegie” Bunch is the Membership Engagement Coordinator who helps formerly incarcerated folks, and their families stop Sheriff violence in Los Angeles County.  Before coming to Dignity and Power Now, Reegie spent six years both as a student in Nashville, Tennessee to complete both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Theology and as a community activist.  After successful campaigns stopping wage theft, exposing Metro Nashville Racial Profiling programs, and fighting for community oversight over Metro Nashville Police, Reegie now takes his activism to Los Angeles to fight for the abolition of prisons and jails.  Reegie enjoys riding bikes on the beach and planning his new church idea, Abolition Christian Church. Reegie is the son of the late Milton Lee Bunch and Mary Keyes. He is number 8 of 9 siblings and currently resides in South Central Los Angeles.

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